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In 2004 I became friends with an Ukrainian guy called Petro that I met completely randomly at a bar by the beach...I was on holidays and he was there with some friends having some drinks.

Anyway, we started talking with each other...our friendship started like that...he became a regular at my house where our families would get together.

In 2008 he called me and asked me if I wanted to go on a road trip...I said "SURE !"

He had in mind to go to the south of Spain and visit his brother (his brother was there in jail at the time, near Huelva...) and also to visit his father in Portugal (his father was a former diplomat of the Ukraine, years before, and when he retired he decided to move to Portugal and live there...)

And so we went,..we visited his brother and then went to Portugal to visit his father...

When we were at his house he asked us a favor (he is old)...if we could empty boxes from one of the rooms, as he wanted to make it into a bedroom for guests...

We said "ok" and went to the room, expecting to see some old newspapers...

Instead we found about 58 boxes full of old documents and books from the time when he was a diplomat...

Some papers (documents) were in Russian...some were even from the USSR times.


Petro started reading/translating some of them and we realized that there was a lot of interesting, intriguing and even top-secret (at least at one time) documents !

So we asked his father if we could keep the boxes for ourselves...he agreed and...we had to rent a van to take everything back to home with us.

Week after week, in our houses but mainly on the weekends, we went through all of the documents, translating them, cataloguing them by subject matter, or dates and places, etc..

As, due to work, we were apart quite often, we also did a lot of work on line,

That's when we found THE BOOK...the book that lead to the videos I published.. (this one book that we had is undated and looks "modern", but we did find the cover -only the cover- for the same book but dating back to 1951 !)

We called his father later that year and asked him about the book...and he filled in the missing information...he said that amongst high ranking political officials there had always been the rumor of alien contact, but nothing concrete...

He said that he had received the book years before from one of his life-long diplomat friends and had been updating the book until recently with information that friends of his sent him, or when they would get together to talk about “old times".

That information (regular updates) was sent to him by mail, phone or online.

He still gets regular updates that transmits to me.


The book has hundreds of side-notes on the pages (updates), small papers with related miscellaneous info attached to pages, photos stapled to them, etc...that is how we found out about relatively recent visits from aliens, their numbers, where it happened, etc...they had been updating the information they could get regularly.

BUT he also said that there were only a handful of people that were in the "know" back then (USSR days)...the leader of the communist party and a couple of advisers, 5 or 6 SMERSH agents (maybe more, up to 12), the commander of the armed forces AND the commanders of the 3 armed forces branches (army, air-force and navy) and maybe a couple of scientists...

He said that most likely there were more people in the know, specially in the military, but he could not confirm that !

(him and his friends did not recognize some of the names mentioned on the book)

People have asked me about some of the illustrations of certain Alien Races on the book...this because some of them were literally copied off movies and/or video games (not all).

Me and Petro asked ourselves the same thing, as we recognized some of them...and we did contact his father in order to get an answer.

He told us that over the years the people that were adding/updating/printing the book had been using alien images from the media when they did not have a real photo or a drawing from the witnesses...

So sometimes they used images from movies and video games that better described the Alien Race in question...this according


to the witnesses testimonies (description of their encounters).

However he did say something else...something extremely interesting.

He told us that amongst high-ranking diplomats there has been much "solid" discussion and debate about "a plan" involving certain media (from online to paper to hollywood to the video game industry) and certain security departments (specially from Japan, China, Canada, USA and Europe) in order to use the “right" (to them) images to describe the appearance of aliens...

All the media involved was (in the end...either directly or because they owned the "mother" companies) owned for no more than 5 people...and that this was a concerted effort in order to get people (human-kind) used to the appearance and presence of aliens.,,amongst us!

He (Petro's father) also told us that some of the alien races images used in video games (and other media) were used in the book PRIOR to the release of the games and/or movies...

Him and some of his friends had knowledge that some of those security departments had actually created some of the images and then "released" them to the proper channels...in order for

those images to be known to the general public.

This, obviously, we could not confirm...except for one of the images on the book...the aliens used in the movie"Independence day" were known before the making (not even close) of the movie...by at least 8 years !

Also, some of the photos on the ARB, had been tampered with...


And so, there you have it...the "story" behind the ALIEN RACES RUSSIAN SECRET BOOK !

At least some of it...

Thope you enjoy the book and all the revelations contained in it.

this book is dedicated to the memory of


—_ (J) ——

The ARB has been re-edited (information always being updated in all aspects, from new alien races to new reports and photos or illustrations) at least 12 times. That we know the first edition was printind in 1946 or early 1947. Then new editions were printed: 1951 (I have the cover, just the cover, of that one), 1959, 1968, 1971, 1980...all the way to (we believe) 2011.



—~ Miethe ~ Diphue”)


In the 1980's a copy of (edition) of this book was found on a field in Buryatia (east Siberia).

Thay copy ended up in the hands of a KGB agent with friends in the media.

After the collapse of the USSR some of the information (and images) in the book were leaked (sold?).

Years later the information and some of the images started appearing in tv series and video games.

"Mass effect" being the most well known...

(this information was handwritten on the book)


In 1924, near Yekaterinoslay, Ukraine (now Dnipropetrovsk) the 3 daughters of a certain Captain Andriychuk simply vanished.

Captain Andriychuk was of Russian descent and very little is known about him, except that he travelled a lot.

A farmer that lived near Captain Andriychuk's house said that he

saw the Captain's daughters walking towards the woods maybe 2 hours before sunrise.

Intrigued, he followed them at a distance. After walking for 30

minutes he described seeing “purple and red lights and a mist" through the trees.

He got closer and saw the 3 girls entering what he called "a floating bright windmill-like plane"... he also reported seeing 5 creatures as small as the children but with a "much older face".

According to him the "windmill" then flew very slowly "into the stars" until he could not tell them apart.


According to the farmer, he ran to Captain Andriychuk's house to warn him about the event.

This photo supposedly shows the farmer's house

Upon arriving he knocked on the door but nobody answered...

He then entered the house and found the Captain and his wife dead on their bed...their faces "were peaceful", as if they had

died during their sleep.

All their animals (3 dogs, 1 horse and 2 goats) were dead as well,

On the kitchen table there was a letter or note (not signed) with the handwriting that matched Sofiya, one of the daughters,

Tt said: “We are going to the school in the moon, with our friends..."

supposed photo of Sofiya (not confirmed)


TO: SMERSH Agents Department IV-A1/12

It is your duty to thoroughly investigate all events regarding any reports of visitations or incidents concerning creatures from other planets as well as with non-terrestrial creatures that dwell on our planet at the present or future time.

Tt is your duty to immediatly present to your Superior in charge

(KL-44) any material evidence gathered during your investigations,

Is is your duty to keep absolute secrecy and concealment regarding your findings and conclusions during your investigations except from your Superior in charge (KL-44).

Tt is your duty to immediatly destroy this book in case your physical being or personal safety is threatened.

The loss of this book while in your possession will result in serious consequences for your 2 SMERSH companion Agents as well as for your immediate relatives.

Make use of your extensive training and love for our great Union.

Chief Marshal Konstantin A. Vershinin



—>— =

This book of alien races is both an instructions manual and a source of information to be used now and in the future until the day it will be needed no more. Learn from it and add to it.

When with Humans:

1- Investigate events 2- Interrogate witnesses 3- Gather physical evidence

When with aliens:

1- Engage with them 2- Follow them 3- Learn from them




ALLGRUULK (aka "the builders)

They come from constellation Sculptor.

They derive from an ancient race of reptilians that has gone extinct.

They are specialist at building ships and other devices needed for deep space travelling.

They are also space-travellers themselves, searching for new raw materials.

They can live up to 230 years. Last seen near Tokyo (Japan) in 2005.



They come from constellation Vela, near the star Suhail Al Muhllif.

They grow up to 2 meters high (6 ') and live up to 200 years, They can shape-shift and are very hard to detect.

When they shape-shift the only thing they cannot change is the size and colour of their eyes.

They are one of the oldest known races. They do abduct humans.

Last seen on earth in July of 2008.



They come from solar systems surrounding the Pleyadiyes stars, more precisely from the planet Erra near the star Taygeta.

They are associated with spiritual growth.

They can grow up to 2.5 meters (8').

They practice "sex cultivation", the distinct difference between their sexual expressions and their sensual emotions.

Their ships are known as "beamships".

Although regularly visiting Earth, they have remained mostly "silent" since 10,000 BC.

They are one of the oldest known races. They continue to develop the necessary mental skills to eventually reach their goal: an even higher "spiritual state".



They come from constellation Volans.

The sightings of this race on Earth are rare and they are considered as “a mystery race".

It is said that they were forbidden to visit Earth around the year 1.000 BC, but they did not stop visiting Earth completely... this because of their allies: the race Maitre.

Last seen on Earth: December of 1989.


KURS (aka "Gods of Lands")

Believed to be related to the race Anunnaki. They come from the planet Dillimuns. They are the race "behind" the story of Enlil and Ninlil

They were directly involved on the development of the Human race during our early stages.

After centuries away from Earth they have recently returned. Their own leader is amongst the most recent visitors.

They will now stay on Earth permanently...they will have an important role in the years to come.

They spend time immersed in a precious gold-like liquid that presumably extends their life span.



HAV-HANNUAE-KONDRAS They come from galaxy Sextans Dwarf SPH.

First visited Earth in 934 AD in the area that we now know as Romania.

They often abduct and kill humans...they also drain and drink the blood of Humans as well as the blood of animals.

They are responsible for the myth of vampires. Several Human governments know and accept their actions. The Human bodies that they "use" are never returned.

Last sighting: Scotland, in 1996.


They come from constellation Camelopardalis.

From the 1300's to the early 1900's (our calendar) they were not allowed to leave their planet by other alien races.

They are a very violent and "predatory" race. They are known to be allies of the race Maitre. They grow up to 1.6 meters (5').

Last seen on Earth: August of 2001.



They come from constellation Cetus, near Deneb Kaitos Shemali.

Although they are often confused with reptilian races, they do not share anything with them except their appearance.

Their height is around 2 meters (6') and they can live up to 350 years.

This is one of 21 races that are known to have more than 2 genders (sexes).

This race has 8 different genders and all of them can reproduce with each other.

The purpose for their visits to Earth is unknown.

Last sighting was near Lima (Peru) in December of 2004.

(no image provided)

Probably the most enigmatic of all alien races...not much is known about them.

They visit Earth around every 300 years.

Their next visit is supposed to happen anytime now...

They do not reveal themselves, they do not make direct contact with humans.

They leave carvings, drawings and writings on rocks as well as symbols in historical monuments.

Their ships have the shape of a "tear drop" and are silver in colour.


RAMAY They come from Capella, constellation Auriga.

Known to be a very peaceful race. They tried to co-exist with Humans.

They "created" the Mayan civilization (culture) by placing humans from different places on Earth in South America.

They are a race of "scientists"...they taught the Mayans about astronomy and "time". They left Earth when the Mayans were at their highest splendor.

After that the Mayans started the well known "blood sacrifices" in their honor. This race has been on Earth many times after that...

Last sighting: Bora-Bora in 2001.




MOOVIANTHAN-KAYPHIK (aka "shinning ones")

They come from constellation Vulpecula.

They have met with (at least) 2 USA Presidents as well as with USSR and (now) Russian leaders and some high-ranking officials.

They supply limited amounts of their technology to humans in exchange for the "freedom" to conduct abductions. They do not involve other alien races in this process.

They had a big role in Siberian and Tibetan culture. They still have bases in those areas hidden in the north-face of mountains.

They have colonized over 40 planets outside our solar system... so far !



Of the 58 races described here, this is the race that least visited Earth (that we know of so far)...only 5 times.

They visited the area we know as the middle-east and that created the belief in the "Jinn" (or "genies") in Islamic mythology.

According to some Muslims scholars they inhabit an unseen world in a dimension beyond the existing dimensions of our universe.

According to reports from other alien races, they stopped visiting Earth because their immune system could not cope with Earth's fauna and flora.

Last recorded visit: 712 AD.


“THE INVISIBLES" (no image)

This race is known to have been "seen" near high-security areas. They are almost completely invisible to the naked eye.

Both the USA and Russian military have developed technology that allows them to track them down on radar (just the ships).

3 things are known about this race: 1- they leave a sour smell when they are near,

2- when they are near windows you can "see" their reflection as a “smudged-like" figure (have been caught on cctv footage)

3- when many dogs (or only 1) start barking with no apparent reason, it is possible that they are nearby (or Reptoids/Reptilains)

They come from constellation Mensa . Purpose of presence: unknown



They were forced to leave Earth after loosing a battle against Reptoids in ancient India (date unknown), which they had been visiting for around 200 years,

They have resumed their visits to Earth in 1948,

Technologically this is a very advanced race.

Their ships are often invisible (to radar and the Human eye) and they wear some sort of clothing that makes them invisible as well.

Supposedly they come from Jupiter or from one of its moons.

Last sighting: Portugal, May 2005.


(no image)

The members of this race are the cause why Humans coined the term "Martians".

They come from constellation Gemini.

They have had permanent bases on Mars for thousands of years, where they mine some sort of a gold-like material.

First recorded visit to Earth: 1235 BC in Japan.

Last sighting: Madagascar, 2003.


INDUGUTK (aka "Tall white")

This race has several bases on and in the Moon, where they mine (unknown material),

They use "slaves" to do most of their work,..these "slaves" are extremely well taken care of, and the Indugutk see them as "indispensable".

Their operations on and in the Moon are very secretive,

They are in almost permanent contact with High-ranking officials from the USA, China and Russia Fed. governments.

They have the ability to shape-shift into an almost perfect Human form.

They are also known as “Men in Black", as they use special dark suits (to protect their skin) when in Human-shape while conducting special operations on Earth.



They come from constellation Crux, near Gacrux.

It is a very hard race to track down or spot.

Both the USA and the Russian military have developed a special camera and radar system that allows to spot them when they are on Earth.

But even then, they have only been sighted 8 times.

The purpose of their presence is unknown.

When they are sighted it is usually in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle.


2017 (no image)

They have only contacted Humans one time: in the USSR in 1935.

According to reports they spoke some kind of Slavic dialect. They left a writen message with about 10 sentences.

They come from galaxy UDFIJ-39546284.

Estimated distance from Earth (our standard) is 13.2 billion light years.

They travel by using what other alien races call "worm-hole", which allows them to "bend" space.

(note from myself and Petro)

On the original ARB (our copy/edition), 9 of the sentences left by this race are "blacked-out"...the only one that is not is this one:


According to reports they were tall, had blonde long hair and “smelled like flowers"



They come from constellation Grus, near the star Alnair. They are one of the most peaceful races.

They co-created the alliance of the 5 races ("Council of the Five"), but are not part of it.

The "Council of the Five" are a group of 5 alien races that protect Humans against less peaceful races.

They "coined" the sentence: "5 universes, 2500 species, 1 race"

The Council is supposed to meet on Earth during the last 10 days of August of 2013, the reason being the fact that Earth has been receiving "too many" visits from new races in the past 500 years.

Last sighting on Earth: near the Sea of Cortez, September 2002.



Maintains sporadic contacts with 3 Earth governments, but not the most powerful ones (not USA, Russia or China).

Considered to have a violent nature by other races. They have been visiting Earth for 3.000 years.

They come from constellation Horologium and are known to have as allies the race Maitre.

Last sighting: near Houston, USA, February 1 of 2003



They come from constellation Indus.

They are known by other races as "peace-makers". They are very advanced technologically.

Their first sighting on Earth dates back to 1500 BC, They met with JFK 3 weeks before he was killed.

They have also (around the same time) met with other Human world leaders.

They have not been seen on Earth since JFK's death.

In 1965 they gave a message to the Human leaders that ran countries with nuclear capability (content unknown).



They grow to a maximum height of 0.5 meters (1.6').

They have visited Earth at least 250 times.

They come from Cassiopeia, where they have 2 home-planets. They eat other alien races as well as humans,

Their race is at least 4 billion years old and they have been in a constant state-of-war with another alien species for 2 billion


Last sighting on Earth: November 2001, Italian Alps.



Known to be a very peaceful race. They have 2 permanent bases somewhere in South America.

They are 100% nocturnal, do not interact with Humans and are described by other alien races as "shy".

They harvest insects and rodents by the many thousands on a monthly basis...reason: unknown.

At least 3 of them have been under Brasilian military custody for the past 12 years.

Last sighting: near Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2003

They are visited by their own kind (race) every 20 years...the next visit should be around 2016.


They come from constellation Sextans. One of their ships crashed outside of Varginha (Brazil) in 1996,

2 of its occupants are under USA custody, after having paid billions of dollars to the Brazilian government.

They have the fastest ships of any known alien race.

Last sighting: February 2002, near Varginha (Brazil)...again !




They have 2 home-planets in constellation Megopei.

They have the same average height as Humans and are considered by many alien races as “parasites”.

Visited Earth for the first time during the pre-historic period (date unknown).

Abduction of Humans is carried out openly.

They have the goal of colonizing Earth...that has not happened because of protection from other alien races, such as the one's in the "Council of the 5",

They are hermaphrodites and their life span is 120 years. They have colonized at least 26 planets.

They have abducted at least 5.000 Humans (males). They have visited Earth at least 200 times.

Last sighting: September 2006 near Nome, Alaska, USA.



Their height is around 2.5 meters (8')

They have a very complex structure of their skull.

Visited Earth at least 20 times.

They carry out Human abductions which they use for Human reproduction.

They have abducted at least 520 Humans (males and females). They come from the "third" star in constellation Cetus,

They have 2 home-planets and have colonized at least 40 planets with the help of "slaves". 10 of those planets were taken with the use of force. They work together with 3 other races. They mostly eat animal protein derived products, According to alien reports, they are not "mentally /spiritually" prepared to interact with most other races.

Their 2 home-planets chemical composition is similar to Earth.

They are supposed to "reveal" themselves to Humans in an open manner in 2022.



Small species growing only up to 70 centimeters (2'), They come from the "sixth star" in constellation Coma Berenices,

They have 3 home-planets (maybe 4) and have colonized at least 10.

They were one the first races to visit Earth.

They were the race that started the "stories" about Fairies.

2 alien races claim that they have abducted over 10 million Humans throughout History (that number is highly disputed by 2 other races...they state that the number is much lower...and 1 race even made a statement to a Russian President saying that the race Lang has bever abducted any Human).

Last sighting: New Zealand, in 2006...a group of 20 members.



SMAD (no image)

They come from Planet Svokk, constellation Battteray. Their ships have a conical shape.

They resemble Humans in appearance.

According to 1 alien race they only have 6 ships left. They colonized 20 planets, 18 of them were inhabited.

They first visited Earth 2.500 years ago and are very interested in our religious beliefs.

They are a race in decline ("“weakening", according to other alien races.



They come from planet Tengri (galactic sector 56, star system F-1342),

They live underground and have a population of 10 million. First visit to Earth: 10.000 years ago.

They do not need an atmosphere or water to survive.

They have 1 ship that can accomodate 5 million of their kind.

They have had contact with Human governments throughout History.

Last known sighting: near Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2003.



Their height averages the same as that of Humans and they are covered in a soft silky hair.

They have 2 home-planets in the Virgo star system, They have visited Earth at least 12 times.

Their first visit happened during the era (dinasties) of Egypt's Pharaohs, around 3.000 years ago.

They spent 10 UN-interrupted years there during that time.

The Djoser pyramid was built in their honour.

They have been keeping a close look at Human's development for the past 200 years, knowing that some powerful humans can

(and are) be mislead by some alien races (disguised as "humans").

Only 6 of them travel each time in their ships. Last sightings: July-2002 and February-2004


They come from planet Nibirue (aka Nibiru).

Their planet is part of the same solar system as Earth, but with a much longer orbit...it comes closer to the Sun every 4.000 years, and not every 3.500 years as commonly accepted.

They resemble Humans but are higher (2.5 meters /8') and more muscular.

When they first visited Earth there were already other races established here...some malevolent and with supernatural powers, The Anunakene defeated them and became the most powerful race on Earth.

They genetically engineered the most intelligent non-alien beings on Earth (us...at the time not much more than smart primates) in order to have a race of slaves at their disposal.

At the time Samael amd Lilith were the Anunakene King and Queen. They were not aware of the presence of Reptilians on Earth.

They only cooperate with one other race: the Zeta Reticulai. Not to be confused with the Solipsi Rai (aka "grays").

Eventually they left Earth (unknown reasons) but before they left they created a sub-species of the Zeta...this species eventually became rulers of Egypt (Pharaohs) until the Reptilians infiltrated them (as Temple Priests) and ended their Reign.

They gave birth to the legends about "giants".


(aka Anunnaki)

They will return one day as promised by themselves, however the date of their return is still a mystery.

They do know all that is happening on Earth as well as in other planets where they had influence (and/or still have),

The proximity of planet Nibirue (aka Nibiru) does cause cosmic instability and weather-related repercussions in all planets of our solar system, but does not cause the amount of destruction that it is usually accepted and believed.

How far they are it is still a mystery.



They come from constellation Lyra.

They call themselves "Afim Spiantsy" because of a war that they fought against a race called "Spiantsy"...the "Spiantsy" race had 12 times more members and 35 times more ships and resources than the "Afim"...but the "Afim" won in the end...

So they added the "Spiantsy" name to their own race-name, as a “warning" to other races...

They are smaller than Humans in stature and their skin is covered with blue spots, darker for males and lighter in females,

Their planet is called Crimea Ai-Petri.

Technologically they are extremely developed,.they can travel from their planet to Earth in 20 earth-minutes,

They do not need oxygen, they do have an atmosphere but it is composed mainly of an hydrogen-mix environment.

They have colonized 10 planets in a non-violent way.

When they are close to humans they can become invisible, but humans when around them will feel a certain amount of unexplained anxiety.

Their ships are small and spherical in shape. One of the reasons they visit us is to study what they call "Human Deviation", in order to determine the development of the Human race.



Peaceful and harmonious race. They 1 main leader and his name is Ymartyyn.

Their civilization is 2 billion years old.,.once they were at the same level of development as ourselves.

They have no colonies.,.they are completely focused on the development of other planets and races.

They come from constellation Cygnus.

They do have one powerful weapon that keeps some neighbouring violent races away...and others that may try to invade them...at one time race Maitre lost 5 ships because of it.

They said that the Human race, in the next few thousands of years, still has 645 options left to save ourselves, our planet and to guarantee a future for our race...but it will all depend on our ability to travel through space.

They are Solipsi Rai, but we call them..."grays" !

PUXHITY (no image)

This race was very influential in some South and Central American cultures,

At one time they had over 2.000 members living amongst Humans in those regions....until one day when most of them left, leaving behind only 25 of their own...Humans then killed them,

They have not returned to Earth since that "incident".

They were known to be very tall...some reports from one alien race say that some of them were as tall as 4 meters high (13'),

The reasons why the local Humans killed the 25 Puxhity's is unknown.



This race was created by the race Maitre in order to be used as slaves.,..and that is still what they serve for.

They are often sent by the Maitre to security-sensitive regions, working as messengers and also to conduct abductions.

They can live forever as they are not organic...however the raw materials that the Maitre need to "build" one are very rare. So, there are not many of them (estimation: less then 300).

They are able to use "rational thinking" as well as flying ships and many other tasks.

Last seen on Earth in July-1997, near Brisbane, Australia.



They come from constellation Perseus, near the star Gorgonea Secunda.

They have caused thousands (maybe millions) of deaths on Earth and other planets as one of their interests (or area of "study") is how other races react to tragedies and cataclysms. Technologically they are extremely advanced.

One alien race reported that they (the Tanzany) caused both the crashing of the Hindenburg as well as the sinking of the Titanic.

They can live up to 500 years and are around 1.7 meters tall (5'). They are avoided by other alien races.

Last sighting: January 1999 in New York state,



They come from constellation Ophiuchus, near Yed Prior, Considered by other races as peaceful.

The purpose of their visits is unknown...they never stay long on Earth and do not interact with Humans or other aliens here.

They mostly use Earth as a "stop" (to quickly gather something they may need) before they leave to their real destination.

They are mostly nocturnal.

Their ships emit a bright-orange light and are (most of them, not all) octogonal in shape.

Last spotted near London (England) in May 2003.


VINNYTVARY They come from constellation Pavo.

They a very respected and peaceful race presumably with mystical powers,

They have been coming to Earth at least since 1.000 AD,

They do not carry out abductions and do not interact with Humans.

They can live up to 2,000 years. Their height is similar to that of a normal Human. They are vegetarians.

Last sighting: near Odessa, Ukraine in July of 1995.



They come from constellation Ursa Minor.

Stroms are invertebrates and coelenterates. Their average height is 2 meters (6.5').

Vegetation is of great importance to their culture...and the main reason for their visits to Earth.

They have been on Earth at least 200 times. They act with extreme caution and are rarely seen by humans.

First visited Earth at the end of the last big Ice Age. They have 20 colonies in the Via Lactea galaxy.

Their ships have the shape of an octagon.

Last sighting: October 1976 in Oregon, USA.


KALENIA They come from constellation Aquila, star Tarazed,

They have colonized 3 planets and have a life span of 150 years. They are often sighted in northern Africa and the Sahara region. First visited Earth around 300 BC.

They do not conduct abductions.

Main interest about Earth: minerals.

Last sighted in 2003 near a volcano in Iceland.



Once related to the Reptoid species, they are not, however, Reptilians.

They come from constellation Serpens, star Alya. First visit to Earth was only in June 13, 1965. They do not represent any threat to Humans, Often seen around Antarctica.

The reason for their visits is unknown.

Last sighting: Antarctica, May 1, 1997.

a 9 ARB



The most known and feared of the Reptoid species (there are at least 3).

They have been permanently on Earth for over 15.000 years (confirmed) but the belief is that they may have been here (permanently or on-and-off) for millions of years.

They come from constellation Draco.

They have a presence in thousands of planets and have at least colonized 500 by means of "infiltration" within the leadership of each planet...

Some (not all) of their members have the power to shape-shift as well as telepathic abilities.

On Earth they did not need to infiltrate Human leadership all the time as they often lived side-by-side with Humans (most of them unaware) and "lived" our evolution (all aspects of it).

= 9 ARB DS



They are considered one of the most technologically advanced species, but they prefer to work in the "shadows", using that as an advantage for their progress or plans /agenda.

They can travel inter-dimensionally (most races can't) and some of their high-ranking members also have the power to become invisible...to have that power a reptilian must first be accepted in what they call “The Draco", an elite group of Reptilians.

The Reptilians from "The Draco" are infiltrated (or even were co-founders) of the Illuminati.

They have 3 main bases on Earth: near the Bermuda Triangle, somewhere off the coast of Denmark and off the coast of New Zealand.

Some say that they will never leave...at least on their own !



Presumably they have over 5.000 ships and have colonized over 100 planets on their own.

Considered by other aliens as one of the "parasite" races.

Abduction of Humans are frequent and on-going... Purpose of Human abductions: unknown.

They do not like to interact with other alien races.

They come from constellation Perseus and are extremely agressive.

Suspected to have been involved in several airplane crashes, such as flight 007 over the USSR in 1983, The USSR leadership took the blame for that crash...

Last seen: September 2001 in Canada.


NEGUMAK (aka Gnomopo)

First known visit to Earth happened only in 1989.

They abduct Humans and exercise control over the minds of their captives, which they use for their own benefit after the captives release. Reason: unknow.

This race was the “inspiration" for the alien race in the movie “Tndependence Day". (note of Petro and me: the ARB states the same thing about another race)

They are one of the oldest races.

They are one of the races that most Human governments fear when considering the future of Humans.


ZETA RETICULAI (aka Shamtbhala)

Often confused (because of their appearance) with the races Maitre and Solipsi Rai (the "grays").

They come from constellation Nets.

They are allies of the Anunnaki and cooperate with them in different planets...they are the representants of the Anunnaki on Earth and send them information about Humans and this planet at least 25 times per year.

The Anunnaki created a sub-species of the Zeta with the purpose of making them look more Human-like...but leaving enough physical differences for Humans to distinguished them.

They became some of the Pharaohs of Egypt.


ZETA RETICULAI (aka Shamtbhala)

The most well known was Akhenaten, who was removed from power by Reptilians...they infiltrated themselves in the Court as Temple Priests.

First reports of Zeta's on Earth go back to 4.000 AD, but that number is most likely much higher.

They were the first hybrids to be engineered by the Anunake (Anunnaki).

The Zeta sub-species still exists on Earth and still (at least 30%) present the same physical differences created in them.

The sexual organs of the sub-species are in every aspect the same as that of Humans.


ZETA RETICULAI (aka Shamtbhala)

The Zeta's still